By force of its geographical location on the Adriatic coast of north Italy, Jesolo exhibits the typical features of a mild Mediterranean climate. This is, in fact, one of the main factors which allowed Jesolo to develop in time as one of the first-hand seaside resorts of Italy.

Thus, summers tend to be quite hot with temperatures reaching even to 35 degrees Celsius (in particular in July and August, the hottest months of the year). The sea breeze obviously tends to mitigate the heat, though its influence is felt mostly at night. As far as the local rainfall is concerned, it is distributed virtually evenly on the entire duration of the year, with a notable increase during the winter season.

Speaking of winter, temperatures tend not to drop below 7 degrees Celsius and, despite the fact the meteorological conditions make it impossible for tourists to enjoy the opportunities otherwise available all the year round (sunbathing included), Jesolo can be deemed an all-season destination since the temperature and humidity values do stabilize within reasonable limits.

The following links provide weather forecasts for Jesolo for the current day and for the several following days, presenting crucial information on parameters like the air temperatures, air humidity and pressure, wind velocity and rainfall.

5-day weather forecast for Jesolo provided by Ansa Meteo.

6-day weather forecast for Jesolo provided by Kata Web.

7-day weather forecast for Jesolo provided by Excite.

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