Jesolo is one of the top seaside resorts of Italy, and despite the fact it does not enjoy the tourist reputation of other Italian destinations, being somewhat overshadowed by the neighboring Venice, for instance, it is worth discovering to the full extent of the tourist opportunities it makes available to all its visitors.

Getting to know a bit about Jesolo’s layout, as well as the name of the main thoroughfares, tourist areas and public places before traveling to this charming Italian resort is recommendable for tourists who want to have an enhanced feel of orientation while discovering the resort.

The interactive map provided below and its adjoining tools (the “zoom in” and the “zoom out” buttons) allow visitors to observe the main sights of Jesolo at the scale of their choice. Visitors can also search sundry addresses by entering the name of the objective on the field on the upper side of the map. Furthermore, the hybrid button provides images which combine the map input with satellite images, which gives a more concrete insight into the way Jesolo actually looks like.

For an even more enhanced feel of autonomy, visitors can also download the Jesolo map in PDF format and study it at leisure, without the necessity of being connected to the Internet.

Jesolo, Italy
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