Driving around in Jesolo and in its surroundings offers tourists an enhanced feel of autonomy, which is of no little importance for people who don’t want to depend on the public means of transport. One of the most rewarding car tours in Jesolo is the one which leads visitors to the most prized places of worship in the region, crossing cities like Concordia, Portogruaro, Sesto al Reghena and San Dona di Piave.

Tourists should start their trip in Jesolo, taking the road which leads to Caorle, via La Salute di Liveza. After a 10-kilometer drive, tourists must turn to Portogruaro. The trip continues on the road to Latisana until visitors get to Sindacale, from where they must turn to Concordia Sagittaria.

Concordia is a locality which dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, in the Augustinian era, the settlement having been founded in the year 42 BC on the course of the Via Annia route. The Cathedral of Concordia was designed in a late Gothic style, and it was built in 1466. Underneath the cathedral there is the Apostolorum Basilica, which still keeps and ancient mosaic which embellishes the floor. Other highlights refer to two containers of holy water, as well as to a baptistery embellished with frescoes in an elegant Romanesque style. Torre Campanaria (the old bell tower) and the ruins of the ancient Roman villas, a bridge and a theater can also be admired in Concordia. Tourists can also take into account visiting Museo Civico, which showcases impressive collections of stone, marble and bronze statues, old funerary aediculae and sundry other ancient exhibits.

Portogruaro is located only 3 kilometers from Concordia. Portogruaro is home to a church called the Church of San Giovanni, where one can admire a ceiling frescoed by A. Urbani. The fresco depicts Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus. Another highlight of the church refers to an altar created by Leandro da Ponte. The Town Hall (Municipio) of Portogruaro is located in Piazza della Repubblica. The edifice was erected between 1372 and 1380 in a late Gothic style. Before getting out of Portogruaro, tourists can also visit the Benedictine monastery of Summaga (which dates back to 1211).

After leaving Portogruaro, drivers have two options: they can either turn right to visit Sesto al Reghena or turn left in order to visit the Regional Wineries (Enoteca Regionale).

Jesolo, Italy

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