While getting to Jesolo poses no problem regardless of tourists’ point of departure, getting around in Jesolo is not as varied in terms of public means of transport. Taxis seem to be the most reliable solution in this respect. Of course, walking in Jesolo, at least as far as the tourist hotspots are concerned, is yet another alternative, just like biking around is. Renting a car and exploring the resort and its surroundings can also be taken into account to this purpose.

By bike

Getting around by bike in Jesolo can be taken into account as an alternative to the mainstream means of transport. Locals of Jesolo, just like its visitors, can enjoy the advantages of an extensive bike sharing system set up to environment protection purposes, as well as to diversify the tourist experiences visitors can make while spending their vacation in this pleasant Italian resort.

Most of the bike stands are located along Lido di Jesolo, but sundry other stands can be found throughout the resort. The authorities have also conceived various cycle paths and routes, which amount to about 150 kilometers in length. The six paths are suggestively called the Orange Way, the Pink Way, the Blue Way, the Green Way, the Red Way and the Yellow Way.

In order to learn more about the rules one must comply with in order to be able to use the bike sharing system of Jesolo, the advantages of this means of transport, the level of difficulty and length of each path, the location of the bike stands and the like, please visit Ambient Bike Jesolo.

By bus

While Jesolo does not feature a highly extensive public transport network, it is, however, crossed by three bus lines. Detailed information on the sub schedule, ticket sale points, ticket prices, bus routes can be obtained from the tourist information offices in Jesolo and its surroundings.

By taxi

Jesolo features a fairly simple infrastructural layout, with two main streets intersecting nearby Lido di Jesolo. Taking into account the resort does not stretch on a great surface, amounting to some 95 square kilometers, getting around by taxi is both time saving and cost efficient.

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