While Jesolo’s tourist profile is much related to the opportunities the sea and its beaches make available, there are plenty of sights visitors can explore in case they turn to the hinterlands of the resort. Jesolo and its surroundings are crisscrossed by plenty of biking trails which, if followed, lead tourists to get a glimpse of some of the most scenic opportunities: wine and food sampling, historical sights, architectural marvels.

Jesolo – Lio Maggiore

This route stretches along Via Dragojesolo, on the right bank of the Sile River. Bikers who opt for this trail can delight in admiring the elegant swans floating ever so gracefully on the river. The tour starts on the so-called Ponte Novissimo (the New Bridge), which links Piazza Matteotti to Via Parco Rimembranza. After crossing the bridge, the trail head for the small peninsula on the Sile River and for Valle Dragojesolo. At this point of the trip, tourists can stop and admire the small monument dedicated to San Antonio de Padua.

Another recommendable stop is at Torre del Caligo (the Fortress Tower), a sight which consists of the ruins of a building dating back to the 16th century. The base of the tower overlooks the so-called Canale Caligo, a channel which used to link the Venetian Lagoon to Aquileia. Back then, Torre del Caligo was used as watchtower, being part of a wider fortification system. The legend goes Saint Romualdo lived for a while in this tower, somewhere around the 10th century. The saint was commemorated in 1927, a year which occasioned sundry ceremonial events and the placing of an iron cross on one of the walls (but the latter was destroyed during World War Two).

Another scenic call is at Valle, where bikers can take time to observe the richness of the animal life. The local nature set is home to a plethora of species: hedgehogs, rabbits, turtles, tree frogs, birds, just to give a few examples. Much of the economic life of the locality used to revolve around the fishing traditions of the place, a tradition which brought fame to this settlement to the point that even the Bishop of Equilo and Podesta of Lio Maggiore used to come here to fish (somewhere during the 12th century). Hunting also used to be widely practiced here.

The trail ends in Lio Maggiore, a small town located on the banks of Canale Caligo.

In order to learn more about this route, please visit Piste Ciclabili.

Lido di Jesolo – Porte del Cavallino

The Lido di Jesolo – Porto del Cavallino trail covers a shorter distance (no more than 6 kilometers). The route stretches along the west bank of the Sile River, and bikers can enjoy its meandering course in case they want to head north to Fiume Sile Alveo Piave Vecchia. In order to get to Lido di Jesolo (more precisely, in the vicinity of Ca’ Crema), they must head south after crossing the river, given the starting point of the trail is on the west side of the river, in Porto del Cavallino.

By following this route, bikers don’t necessarily face the greatest challenges, but the sights are worth the effort. The riparian fauna and flora, as well as the fact the trail crosses, at least in part, the Cavallino-Treporti area, renowned for its nature beauties and attractions, all these are a reward in itself. Please visit Piste Ciclabili in order to find out about the technical details of the route (precise length, level of difficulty and the like).

Other bike trails suggested by Piste Ciclabili

Piste Ciclabili is the most reliable informative resource for people keen on bike tourism, in particular for those who want to discover Italy on two wheels. The trails suggested by Piste Ciclabili for the province of Venice and, in this case, for Jesolo Paese and its scenic surroundings should not be disregarded by passionate bikers, since the sights crossed by these routes are as rewarding and as pleasant to discover as it gets.

Thus, Jesolo Paese and its surroundings are crossed by a dozen of so trails showcased by Piste Ciclabili according to parameters like length, level of difficulty, inclination, starting and ending points, main calls on the route.

In order to learn about the complexity of this network of biking trails, please visit Piste Ciclabili.

Bike trails suggested by Jesolo Ambient Bike

Biking in Jesolo is more than a mere way to get around in this splendid resort. The bike sharing system set up by the authorities is but a part of the bike tourism infrastructure in the area. Jesolo Ambient Bike suggests 6 rewarding itineraries, all of these springing from Jesolo and heading east towards the Piave River, west towards the Sile River and south to the Adriatic Sea. Another trail stretches along the coastline, starting at the Piave River mouth in Cortellazo and ending at the Sile River mouth.

The six routes are suggestively called the Orange Way, the Pink Way, the Green Way, the Blue Way, the Red Way and the Yellow Way. Each of these has its inner level of difficulty, but regardless of length or of the effort bikers must make in order to cover the distances, the trips are more than rewarding since, thus, visitors have the occasion to learn about the landlocked surroundings of Jesolo and expand their grasp of the tourist value of the region on the map of Italy.

If followed, these routes lead tourists to places full of traditions, scenic countryside sets where bikers can taste the pleasures of agritourism, admire nature beauties and forget, for a moment, about the ever so tempting call of the sea and of its specific attractions.

In order to learn all there is to know about the six bike trails in Jesolo Paese and its close surroundings, please visit Ambient Bike Jesolo.

Jesolo, Italy

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