Pista Azzurra di Jesolo is often classified as one of the top theme and fun parks in Jesolo. However, given it is one of the best go-kart tracks in Europe and that it is used by the professionals of the national and international go-kart arena, its reputation of fun park is rather unclear. On the other hand, the tourist opening of Pista Azzurra is proven, amongst others, by the fact it welcomes amateurs of all ages to rent karts and have fun at leisure, which is of no little importance for clients passionate about motorized sports. The track was laid out in 1961, and since then its reputation and popularity increased considerably, enhancing, at the same time, the landscape of the tourist sights of Jesolo.

Pista Azzurra di Jesolo
90, Via Roma Destra, 30016, Jesolo, Italy
0039 0421 972471
0039 0421 371309
[email protected]

90, Via Roma Destra, 30016, Jesolo, Italy

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